The Real Midnight Ride

Read this Time Line of Events to find out the REAL STORY. Then use the graphic organizer to compare and contrast Paul Revere's Ride with this factual account.
The words in italics are from Revere's own account of the ride. He was an excellent rider, but not a very good speller.

 Saturday & Sunday
April 15-16, 1775 


Revere arranges with a friend (Robert Newman, sexton of the Old North Church) to set signals to warn the Sons of Liberty in Charlestown if the British begin to march. Many riders (at least several dozen) are ready to spread the word if the British begin to march from Boston.

"...if the British went out by Water, we should shew two Lanthorns in the North Church Steeple; and if bye Land one, as a Signal..." (Revere Deposition)


 Tuesday Night
April 18, 1775

9:30 PM Rider William Dawes, leaves Boston by the southern route across Boston Neck to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams in Lexington that the British were marching to arrest them."When I got to Dr Warren's house, I found he had sent an express by land to Lexington--- a Mr. William Dawes."
10:00 PM  Dr. Joseph Warren (of the Sons of Liberty) sends for Revere and asks him to ride to Lexington and warn Hancock and Adams of British plans. "About 10 o'clock, Dr. Warren Sent in a great haste for me, and begged that I would immediately Set off for Lexington, where Messrs. Hancock and Adams were..."
 11:00 PM
Two friends row Revere across the Charles River to Charlestown. He checks to be sure that the Sons of Liberty had seen the signals he had arranged from the Old North Church. He borrows a horse from a friend and begins his ride. "When I got into town, I met Col. Connant, and several others; they said that they had seen our signals. I told them what was Acting, and went to git me a Horse; I got a Horse of Deacon Larkin."
 11:30 PM
Revere reaches Medford, riding north along the Mystic River. "I awakened the Captain of the minute men; and after that I alarumed almost every house till I got to Lexington."


 Wednesday Morning
April 19 1775

12:05 AM
Midnight at Lexington
Revere reaches Lexington, finds and warns Adams and Hancock. "I found Messrs. Hancock and Adams at the Rev. Mr. Clark's; I told them my errand, and... they said [Mr. Dawes] had not been there..."
12:30 AM
On to Concord
Dawes arrives and he and Revere decide to continue on to Concord, where the local militia had been storing weapons, ammunition, food, and provisions. "Mr Daws came; we refreshid ourselves, and set off for Concord to secure the Stores, etc. there."
12:45 AM  Along the way they meet Dr. Samuel Prescott, another Son of Liberty member, and the three men continue on together. "We were overtaken by a young Doctor Prescot, whom we found to be a high Son of Liberty."
1:00 AM
A British patrol stops all three men. Dr. Prescott and Billy Dawes escape, but Revere is held. "I was about one hundred Rod ahead... in an Instant I was surrounded by four... the Doctor humped his Horse over a low Stone wall, and got to Concord."
 2:00 AM
Back to Lexington
Paul is questioned by the British soldiers, taken back with them to Lexington, and released without his horse. "...the Major ordered him, if I attempted to run, or any body insulted them, to blow my brains out."
 4:30 AM
Buckman Tavern
Paul helps Adams and Hancock escape, then enters Buckman Tavern to get Hancock's trunk. "Mr Lowell asked me to go to the Tavern with him, to git a Trunk of papers belonging to Mr. Hancock. We went up Chamber; and while we were giting the Trunk, we saw the British very near, upon a full March."
 5:00 AM
"The shot heard 'round the world"
As Paul takes the trunk out, he hears the first shots fired on Lexington Green. "When we got about 100 Yards from the meeting-House the British Troops appeared on both Sides... I saw and heard a Gun fired... Then I could distinguish two Guns, and then a Continual roar of Musquetry; Then we made off with the Trunk."