Paul Revere's Ride... by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 


Your teacher may print this page and make class copies, or you may copy it onto your own sheet of paper.
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Our Score:_____


-Words are properly pronounced

-No hesitation, repetition, or stumbling

-Phrases are spoken as a group of words that go together

-Pays attention to punctuation, rhythm and rhyme

-Nearly all words are properly pronounced

-Little hesitation or stumbling

-Phrases are spoken in a meaningful way

-Pays attention to punctuation, but not as much to rhythm and rhyme

-Pronounces most words properly

-Some hesitation or stumbling

-May break some phrasing improperly

-May make some errors in punctuation that affect meaning

 -Makes significant errors in pronunciation

-Frequent hesitation or stumbling

-Calls out words individually

-Pays little attention to punctuation or phrasing

-Difficult for listeners to follow





Our Score:_____

-Reads at a talking pace

-Varies pacing to enhance mood or meaning

 -Usually reads at a talking pace

-Some attempt to vary pacing to enhance mood

 -Frequently reads too fast or to slowly

-Little attempt to vary pacing

 -Reads too fast or too slowly

-No attempt to vary pacing


Our Score:_____

-Changes level and pitch of voice to enhance mood or meaning. e.g. Scary passages sound scary!  -Some good attempts to vary both pitch and voice level  -Some attempt to vary pitch or voice level  -No attempt to vary voice level or pitch