The Midnight Rider Virtual Museum
...Your Adventure Begins Here...

From this ENTRANCE FOYER you may visit five different EXHIBIT HALLS. Each Exhibit Hall has one or more ACTIVITIES for you to complete. Some activities can be done individually; others are better done in a small group or with your whole class. Check with your teacher first. (PSST!!!! Let your teacher know that there is a Teacher Guide!)

The Midnight Rider Virtual Museum is designed to be visited in order, beginning with Hall One. This will build your knowledge of Paul Revere and his Midnight Ride step by step. However, feel free to explore any of the Halls to get an overview of what to expect. You can return to to this ENTRANCE FOYER at any time.


 Exhibit Hall 1 
 Paul Revere's Ride
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

On-line & Illustrated

 Read the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ... with graphics, vocabulary help, and a surprise or two!

Make a class presentation of this classic American poem.

Exhibit Hall 2 

The REAL Story!

The Historical Paul Revere

The REAL Midnight Ride

Discover the REAL Paul Revere...
Find out what REALLY happened on the Midnight Ride!
Compare two versions of the Midnight Ride and separate fact from fiction.

 Exhibit Hall 3

Colonial Boston

Where is Boston?

The Revere House

Explore North Boston on an interactive map.Discover Colonial Boston... Revere's House... Long Wharf... Faneuil Hall...

Visit Paul Revere's House and make a scale model!

  Exhibit Hall 4

Ride With Paul Revere

Across the Charles River to

Travel with Paul across Boston Harbor. Mount your horse in Charlestown and ride north along the Mystic River to Medford and Concord.
Complete a guided drawing lesson of the Somerset, the British Man-of-War. Write a journal entry about your Midnight Ride.
When you see this picture, click it to return here.

    Exhibit Hall 5

Music of the Revolutionary War

Listen to the music that Paul Revere and other colonists sang and listened to during the Revolutionary War.

Write your own lyrics to Yankee Doodle or God Save the King with the help of an online Rhyming Dictionary!